Dr Claire Nolle – Osteopath, Master NLP practitioner, Ultra Lite weight loss practitioner 

Hi, I am Claire and I have been a qualified Osteopath since 2005 after graduating from Victoria University. 

My passion to become an Osteopath started in Year 10 watching a game of AFL. I am a keen Essendon Supporter and was watching one of the physiotherapists assess a player on the sideline. From here my passion to assist people, to recover from injuries and pain to enable a return to their sport/activity, grew. It was my year 10 Physical Education teacher who introduced me to the idea of Osteopathy, and I never looked back! 

I have been fortunate enough to work with Essendon Football club during 2004-2009 and established connections with the physiotherapists and sports physicians. 

Nowadays, my passion is helping to treat clients of all ages within Diamond Creek and surrounding suburbs, to assist them in relieving their aches and pains and allowing them to return to the activities that they love to do.

Dr Lauren Hawking- Osteopath

Dr Lauren Hawking graduate as an Osteopath in 2018 . Additionally she is a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer at a local Women’s gym.

Lauren is an empathetic Osteopath and uses a holistic approach to achieve the desired outcome of client centered goals.

In her spare time Lauren is very active and enjoys the outdoors with her 2 kelpies.

Dr Jesse Georgiadis – Acupuncturist / Chinese Medicine

Hello everyone, my name is Jesse Georgiadis and I’ve been a certified Dr of Chinese Medicine since 2018 after graduating from RMIT. I first became interested in Chinese medicine at about the age of 15, after hearing stories of how Chinese Medicine could cure or dramatically help people with their illnesses when nothing else could. Growing up I was usually pretty healthy and have always liked the idea of healing myself without the need for being on medication 24/7, so when I found out about Chinese Medicine you could only imagine my excitement. I slowly became more interested in meditation and the concept of “Qi” or life energy.

After learning about Chinese medicine and the vast array of conditions it can treat, I found myself most interested in musculoskeletal conditions due to the quick response of the body healing itself. I have since begun enjoying treating a much wider variety of conditions throughout my practice. While studying I was fortunate enough to accumulate 2 years of clinical experience in treating a wide range of conditions; from muscle and joint pains, to common colds, and even helping women through menopause.

If you would like to find out how Chinese Medicine could benefit you please feel free to call me on 0413 826 252 or book online.

Matilda Bartley – Clinical Nutrition

Matilda is a clinical nutritionist who first discovered her love of food as a kid, cooking for her family and baking on weekends. Matilda initially studied at a culinary institute before moving on to the Southern School of Natural Therapies, graduating in 2022 with a Bachelor of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine. Central to Matilda’s practice is the belief that your size does not reflect the quality of your health, diet culture does more harm than good, and that food is medicine and should be enjoyed and shared with the people you love. Over the past 6 years, Matilda has developed a practice of ethical holistic care, whilst working in a busy medical centre and seeing Nutrition clients at her university’s student clinic. In her spare time, Matilda enjoys spending time in nature, practicing her creative pursuits, and sharing meals and going to pilates classes with friends. One word to describe her philosophy to life would be ‘balance’. 

Matilda is passionate about treating people with a wide range of concerns including:
body image, eating disorders, hormonal problems, digestive problems, sleep, stress, and mental health.

A clinical nutritionist uses evidence-based treatments to support the whole body, focusing not only on your symptoms but their underlying causes. An initial consultation will include:

  • a complete medical history
  • dietary and lifestyle analysis
  • a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to specific goals, food and lifestyle advice, and if necessary, practitioner-only nutritional supplements.

Free 15-minute discovery calls are available.

(Rebates available with some private health insurance)