Hello everyone, my name is Jesse Georgiadis and I’ve been a certified Dr of Chinese Medicine since 2018. I grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and went to RMIT University to study Chinese Medicine for 5 years, graduating in 2018.

I first became interested in Chinese medicine at about the age of 15, after hearing stories of how Chinese Medicine could cure or dramatically help people with their illnesses when nothing else could. Growing up I was usually pretty healthy and have always liked the idea of healing myself without the need for being on medication 24/7, so when I found out about Chinese Medicine you could only imagine my excitement. I slowly became more interested in meditation and the concept of “Qi” or life energy.

After learning about Chinese medicine and the vast array of conditions it can treat, I found myself most interested in musculoskeletal conditions due to the quick response of the body healing itself. I have since begun enjoying treating a much wider variety of conditions throughout my practice. While studying I was fortunate enough to accumulate 2 years of clinical experience in treating a wide range of conditions; from muscle and joint pains, to common colds, and even helping women through menopause.

If you would like to find out how Chinese Medicine could benefit you please feel free to call me on 0413 826 252 or book online.