Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Diamond Creek

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for thousands of years as people’s primary healthcare. It takes a holistic approach to understanding normal function and disease processes and focuses as much on the prevention of illness as on the treatment. TCM uses personalised treatments to ensure that the practitioner can target the signs and symptoms as well as the root cause to treat and prevent illness.

Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into specific sites (acupuncture points) along the body’s meridians to clear energy blockages and encourage the normal flow of Qi (life energy) through the individual. These points may be stimulated using other methods such a cupping, moxibustion (moxa) and electro-stimulation. These methods are used at the practitioner’s discretion when he/she believes it will benefit the individual’s condition.

Chinese herbal medicine much like acupuncture is used to help balance the bodies Qi through the use of herbal formulas. Herbs are selected based on a the patients presenting signs and symptoms (s/s) which means as the patient gets better or starts to show different s/s the formula will change and adapt to the individual. This ensures the herbs are constantly targeting not only the s/s but also getting to the root cause.